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Dániel G. Szabó

g szabó dG. Szabó, Dániel is a 5th year student at the law faculty of ELTE. He is also participating in the Leadership Course and the Specialized Training Programme on Media Studies of Mathias Corvinus Collegium. He is a founding editor of the legal periodical, he is contributing here as a webpage editor and as a strategical planner. Dániel is a main writer at the blog ÁJK HÖK Figyelő, where he is dealing with management questions of the Student Union of ELTE law faculty, but also writing about other University issues.

Dániel was awarded with the Figyelő Special Recognition in the 2012 Komáromy Gábor Scholarship. His work is focused on a lawsuit on the freedom of information of managerial data about the Student Union of ELTE law faculty. The student unions decide about hundreds of million forints every year, but their management is not transparent. Dániel’s work is concentrated on the lawsuit against ELTE in which he claims information about the management of the Student Union, thus contributing to establish civil controll over the expenditures from the common budget. The lawsuit might be a precedent, no previous case was initiated on the freedom of information of the Student Unions. In this case, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) prvides him with legal support, and the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information also intervened in the case in order to help him. He wrote a summary article about the case in the weekly news magazine Figyelő, and all the documents and other articles on the case will be found in the blog ÁJK HÖK Figyelő.