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Dóra Laborczi

LDDóra Laborczi was born in East-Hungary, Nyíregyháza in 1986. She finished her MA studies at the faculticy of communication and media studies at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Now she is holding a social-ethic MA at Evangelical-Lutheran Theological University, Budapest. She is working as a journalist, writing for several magazines, such as Nők Lapja (Journal of women – the market leader weekly magazine in Hungary) or ELLE magazine Hungary. She is also working in the Roma College of the Lutheran Church as a program coordinator and took a seminaar there with the title Roma in the media in Hungary.

She won the Gabor Komaromy scholarship in 2011 for report on the social status of Roma women living in the poorest regions of Hungary, and in particular to look at the correlation between education, employment, living standards, malnutrition and domestic violence.

Dóra noted in her proposal that although social exclusion has significance and relevance for Hungary’s minority and education policies, it is largely ignored by the media and is treated with “silence” or scapegoating, rather than a balanced fact-finding approach.

During the time of the scholarship she travelled a lot and spent more time in Bódvalenke which is a very poor village in north Hungary with 90% roma inhabitants. Besides the Bódvalenke-Fresco village project she primarly focused on the everyday troubles, fights and problems of the women in Bódvalenke in her first article. (In the second article of the scholarship she reported about one day of a little girl in Bódvalenke). The articles of the scholarship were published on HVG online (one of the three biggest newsportals of Hungary), where she have been working as an intern and later as a journalist in 2012.

She has not stopped publishing articles in the topic of disadvantaged women in Hungary, she has been writing several articles on portals and to magazines about the everyday prejudition against Roma in Hungary, and about correlation between usury and prostitution.