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Barbara Péterfi

Péterfi Barbara1My sensitivity of social problems and my social interest certainly came from Eötvös Loránd Science University, where I study International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2010, I started my second major, which is the Media and Communication Bachelor, also at ELTE.

To talk about my experiences in the world of media, from the spring of 2011 I was working as a freelance author of MOHA – The Hungarian Student Magazine, which is being spread in 30 000 copies nationwide. During this period, most of my articles focused on scholarship opportunities and public issues that could affect young people’s life. Thus I have always been a person who wanted to do something useful and valuable for her own generation.

For these reasons mentioned above, there was no question that I would apply for the Komáromy Scholarship with a project that concerns social issues and young people (roughly the 18-30 years old generation). By some estimates, 48% of Hungarians under the age of 30 want to leave the country in search of education and employment opportunities. I am planning to investigate the issues – tuition fees, education policy, education standards, professional opportunities – that are driving Hungary’s youthful emigration.

Should they stay or should they go from Hungary? How can they finance the high tuiton fees of the universities, if they want to study? Since this generation is the basis of Hungarian economic and intellectual life in the future, I think it is a crucial issue for all Hungarian people to beaware of their problems and deal with them in the media, as it affects everyone, directly or indirectly.

The intended purpose of my series of articles is is to report on Hungary’s “brain drain” and to draw attention to the contemporary dilemmas of young Hungarian people who wants to be educated on a higher level.