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Cook Communications, a full-service Public Relations agency with offices in Budapest, Prague, Sofia, Bucharest and Warsaw, and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) in Budapest are pleased to announce that the 2017 Gábor Komáromy Scholarship for news reporting has been awarded to Balázs Bekker, a 20 year-old sociology student at Corvinus University in Budapest.

Balázs’s winning proposal is to report on, and write a series of articles about, the criminal exploitation of homeless people in Budapest. Balázs has a strong interest in journalism and is a regular contributor to his university magazine Közgazdász (Economist).

Balázs was one of five short-listed interviewees from a field of 17 applicants, whose proposals covered a diverse range of topics, including education, the migrant and refugee crisis, reading, European Union programmes, and political activity among the young.

This year the selection committee also made two special awards to Viktória Rácz and Áron Mikus, who will report about ‘sugar daddies’ and female students, and education policy, respectively. Their awards were made possible thanks to funds collected by former students of Gábor Komáromy. Viktória is a communications student at King Sigismund University and Áron is a student of international studies at Corvinus University of Budapest.

The Gábor Komáromy Scholarship was established in 2010 by Cook Communications and Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) to support the critical study of the media and to encourage the practical study of news reporting and journalism.  It is open to all full-time students in Hungary, regardless of their field of study, and provides up to €1,200, of which up to €300 will be allocated to acquire books and periodicals for the Gábor Komáromy media library at the MCC. The successful applicant will receive up to €900, subject to delivery against deadlines, mentorship from an experienced international journalist and membership of the Media and Communications Programme of MCC.

The scholarship is named after Gábor Komáromy, a founding partner of Cook Communications in Hungary and a former Chairman of the Media and Communications Department at MCC. Gábor was a staunch advocate of press freedom and of objective independent news reporting. He was quick to embrace the possibilities of the Internet and was an early champion of on-line journalism in Hungary. He drew on his background as a news reporter and an editor working in the USA to give his students a practical understanding of English-language journalism, and he encouraged them to take a critical approach towards the media, corporate communications, consumer advertising and the political economy. He passed away in early 2010.

Selection committee:

Joe Cook: founder of Cook Communications

Ágota Révész: researcher, former lecturer at MCC

Adam LeBor: author, journalist (The Times and The Economist)

Gábor Lambert: journalist, lecturer at MCC

András Pethő: senior editor and founder of Direkt36, lecturer at MCC

Bálint Molnár: head of the MCC Media and Communications Department

Zoltán Szalai: managing director of MCC


For further information please contact:

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Joe Cook

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